Finishing today

Slideshare, I have used this extensively for to help my children with their homework and also had a look at other university sites as I wrote the instructions for 23Things. It is good for a general introduction to topics but the quality of PP does vary. I have never added a PP as what we produce tends to need updating frequently and it is very annoying to see PP with instructios that do not match the screen you are working on.

Google Drive

This looks really interesting and something I will explore when I have more time, I really struggle with multiple versions of things, that many people have to see and comment on and finding a robust way of doing this will be really useful. I created a document and sent to a colleague but she can’t remember her Google email so can’t read it. I will try again and send it to someone doing 23Things and see if I can receive an amended document.


This is my Wordle picture, I am having problems attaching it into anything. It save it but does not want to paste it anywhere, I like the snipping tool  which I always forget to use, it makes changing and adapting images very easy.

I like the visual element of both Tagxedo and Wordle, they are clever and a good way of representing static text.


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