Final reflective post with 40 minutes to go.

I have done it, not with any panache or subtelty, in fact cobbled together would sum it up perfectly, I have managed by sheer ineptitude to use 2 blogs to write my posts so they are not even that easy to read but I did them.

I have really enjoyed working on this project, I have made new friends and learnt to work in a new team which when you are used to playing one role in established teams can be very inciteful. I hope that everyone who took part has learnt something, it is inevitable when you embark on something new and unwieldy that not all who start will finish as life gets in the way, so much credit to all those who made it to the end.

The love and craft which has gone into some of the blogs puts my effort into the deepest darkest shade but has inspired me to perhaps spend  a little more time on the look and feel so it is harder to ignore when you are behind. A bit mowing the grass, it makes the rest of the garden look better and worth weeding.



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