When I had proper time to do the instructions justice, I have really enjoyed the time and intellecutal process of learning about new things or looking at old things with a different eye. We are constantly told to stay up-to-date but it takes time to set up yet another account, figure out how it works, watch videos, download this, remember that licence. Unless you can see a big gain in terms of time saved or fun to be had, it just will not happen.

I know that lots of participants have fallen behind and feel guilty that whent they are catching up it is not done as in depth as they would like but perhaps  that is a lesson learned for the next time that we should do less, make them more pertinant to work and give people more time, we will be asking all those who finishe what was good, what was missing and what they will carry on doing. We will be asking those who did not make it beyond the first post what stopped them – with no blame attached so we can change and modify for the next time, if there is one!


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