Sot23Things – Up and running

I have already got a blog so Thing1 was done

I have registered it with Sot23Things and now need to comment on the other blogs already registered to complete Things 2 and 3.

Learning how to navigate my way around “intuitive” Dashboards brings me out in hives as they are not “intuitive”, as you have to understand the language they are using first. But – never one to moan!! I have soldiered on and added some links to the Sot23Things blog, I have posted and also added  a new page with links that work on a powerpoint (you have to view it as a slideshow!)

It takes so much longer that you think but hopefully will enhance the site and make it easier for those technophobes amongst us.


2 thoughts on “Sot23Things – Up and running

  1. Hello Catherine, Well how fun amongst all the confusion. It is great to learn something new.
    I just write this again as I am uncertain what ” Your comment is awaiting moderation.” means.
    All the best, Barbro

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